Our Story

Twenty years ago, I found myself in Vancouver, Canada, straight out of the Texas Panhandle, with nothing but my flannel wardrobe and some killer bangs.  My body was in shock; it seemed I had found myself in the most fashionable and amazing city that could ever exist, and I was like a fish right out of the water.

There were mountains! There was a beach! But, goodness!  There was STYLE!  I had never seen anything as bold or beautiful.  The colors! The trends! The edginess of it all!

As luck would have it, I found a few amazing friends, an incredible mentor group and a job immersed in the world of home textiles.  This would be my segway into understanding trends, fashion and becoming even a little edgy myself.  The training I received from my mentors, the market and traveling to many industry shows continued to fuel my love for all things “fashion” and I knew I wanted more.

There has always been a desire to have my own store. I felt I had so much to give to the consumer.  I’ve worked on product development for large and small retailers alike; from Anthro to Crate to Urban Outfitters and everyone in between, nothing creates more drive inside of me than product, pulling collections together and seeing it on a huge display inside of a store. 

My little girl is a fashionista of her own.  If it’s not pink, sparkly or fancy, she’s not having it. Couple this with my love of fashion and my dream was finally born.

Welcome, friends, to the home of Finley Jane. 

We want to be your destination for that one-of-a-kind statement piece that you can't find on every street corner.  We want to share our love for fashion with our love for friends and family.  The 3 F's. 

Now that this dream has begun, I’m onto the next dream.  I’ve met so many incredible retailers along my journey but what I’ve always longed for, I found in the mother/daughter relationships I’ve seen from my customers.  Moms and daughters walking market, choosing the latest trends for their stores and the memories shared, are the “why” of this dream.  I’m doing this for “my” Finley Jane.  It’s one more way to build an unbreakable bond, to share our love for fashion and to one day, leave in her most capable hands.

My hope is that my dream will become her reality and I’m grateful for all of you that we meet along the way.